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Lvtel wot hit any mon / Hou loue hym haueth ybounde: translation
London, British Library, Harley MS 2253, f. 128r


No-one fully realizes
How love has bound him [i.e. Christ]
Who shed his blood on the Cross for us,
And bought us with his wounds.

5   His love has healed us,
And cast down the evil spirit.
Refrain :
Constantly, night and day, he has us in his thoughts;
He does not want to lose what he bought so dearly.

He bought us with his holy blood---

10  What more could he do for us?
He is so meek, gentle, and good;
He did nothing to deserve it.
I advise that we repent bitterly what we have done,
And constantly cry to Jesus Christ, 'Have mercy!'
15  Constantly, night and day, etc.

He saw his father so very angry
With humanity, which had fallen;
With grief in his heart, he [God the Father] swore
We should all pay for it.

20 His gentle son began to plead with him,
And begged that he might die for us all.
Constantly, etc.

He brought us all back from death,
Ant acted towards us as a friend;

25 Gentle Jesus of Nazareth,
Give us the reward of heaven!
Why will we not pay attention to the Cross?
His fresh wounds bled so cruelly.
Constantly, etc.


30 His deep wounds run with blood;
We should keep them in mind.
He has taken us out of hell,
Brought us out of sin.
For our love his cheeks grow thin;
35 He gave his heart's blood for all humanity.
Constantly, et cetera.


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