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Ichot a burde in a bour: text
London, British Library, Harley MS 2253, f. 63r-v

Ichot a burde in a bour ase beryl so bryht,
Ase saphyr in seluer semly on syht,
Ase iaspe the gentil that lemeth with lyht,
Ase gernet in golde ant ruby wel ryht;

5 Ase onycle he ys on yholden on hyht,
Ase diamaund the dere in day when he is dyht;
He is coral ycud with cayser ant knyht;
Ase emeraude amorewen this may haueth myht.
The myht of the margarite haueth this mai mere.
10 For charbocle ich hire ches bi chyn ant by chere.

Hire rode is ase rose that red is on rys;
With lilye-white leres lossum he is;
The primerole he passeth, the peruenke of pris,
With alisaundre thareto, ache ant anys.

15 Coynte ase columbine such hire cunde ys,
Glad vnder gore in gro ant in grys;
He is blosme opon bleo, brihtest vnder bis,
With celydoyne ant sauge, ase thou thiself sys.
That syht vpon that semly to blis he is broht;
20 He is solsecle, to sauue ys forsoht.

He is papeiai in pyn that beteth me my bale;
To trewe tortle in a tour y telle the mi tale;
He is thrustle thryuen in thro that singeth in sale,
The wilde laueroc ant wolc ant the wodewale;

25 He is faucoun in friht, dernest in dale,
Ant with eueruch a gome gladest in gale.
From Weye he is wisist into Wyrhale;
Hire nome is in a note of the nyhtegale.
In Annote is hire nome; nempneth hit non?
30 Who-se ryht redeth roune to Iohon.

Muge he is ant mondrake thorh miht of the mone,
Trewe triacle ytold with tonges in trone;
Such licoris mai leche from Lyne to Lone;
Such sucre mon secheth that saneth men sone;

35 Blithe yblessed of Crist, that bay[th]eth me mi bone
When derne [dedis] in [day] derne are done.
Ase gromyl in greue grene is the grone,
ase quibibe ant comyn cud is in crone,
Cud comyn in court, canel in cofre,
40 With gyngyure ant sedewale ant the gylofre.

He is [medicyne] of miht, mercie of mede,
Rekene ase Regnas resoun to rede,
Trewe ase Tegeu in tour, ase Wyrwein in wede,
Baldore then Byrne that of[t] the bor bede;

45 Ase Wylcadoun he is wys, dohty of dede,
Feyrore then Floyres folkes to fede,
Cud as Cradoc in court carf the brede,
Hendore then Hilde, that haueth me to hede.
He haueth me to hede, this hendy anon,


Gentil ase Ionas, heo ioyeth with Ion.


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