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Ase Y me rod this ender day: notes 
London, British Library, Harley MS 2253, f. 81va-b

24. The fif ioies: see Introduction.

33. on thoro lay: For this reading, see Sister Mary Immaculate (1940), followed by Brook (1968), who also discusses the alternative suggestions 'according to due law' (Brown, 1932), and on thor[w]e lay 'he lay in a crib' (Boeddeker (1878)). The reading 'in radiant light' is attractive, fitting well with the imagery in the rest of the stanza, and I have retained it for want of a better solution; but it is inconsistent with the generally prosaic and conventional style of the poem, and I suspect, like Boeddeker, that the text may be corrupt.

35. The ster: MS thestri

44. when: MS wen.

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