Quiz - eutectic alloys question 1 of 4
Q1: which is the eutectic reaction?

liquid + alpha --> beta

alpha --> beta

liquid --> alpha + beta

liquid --> alpha + liquid

Quiz - eutectic alloys question 2 of 4
Q2: a lamellar microstructure has:

few phase boundaries

many phase boundaries

no phase boundaries

none of the above

Quiz - eutectic alloys question 3 of 4
Q3: individual dislocations can:

move easily across phase boundaries

not cross phase boundaries

move with difficulty across phase boundaries

not exist in a eutectic microstructure

Quiz - eutectic alloys question 4 of 4
Q4: the yield strength of a eutectic microstructure will be:

1 - lower in some directions because dislocations all exist in the same orientation

2 - proportional to the amount of the two phases and their respective yield stresses.

higher than answer 2 above

lower than answer 2 above