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Vezzosi augelli

Source:   Gerusalemme liberata, Canto XVI/12

Settings:  Wert, VIIIa5, 1586

Vezzosi augelli in fra le verde fronde
tempran’ a prova lascivette note.
mormora l’aura, e fa le foglie e l’onde
garir che variamente ella percote:
quando taccion gl’augelli, alto risponde,
quando cantan gl’augei, piú lieve scote;
sia caso od’ arte, or accompagn’ed ora
alterna i versi lor la Musica ora.

Delightful birds among the green branches
tune their lively notes.
the breeze murmurs, and russles the leaves and waves
as it strikes each in turn:
when the birds are silent the sound replies from above,
when the birds sing the breeze shakes softer;
either by chance or purpose Music in turn now accompanies, now alternates their verses.



Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 28 February, 2002.

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