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Non fonte o fiume od aura

Source:   Tasso, 1593; modern edition, Tasso/Basile, 1994

Non fonte o fiume od aura
odo in più dolce suon di quel di Laura;
né ’n lauro o ’n pino o ’n mirto
mormorar s’udí mai più dolce spirto.
O felice a cui spira,
e quel beato che per lei sospira!
Che se gl’inspira il core,
puote al cielo aspirar col suo valore.

In neither fountains nor rivers nor the breeze
do I hear a sweeter sound than that of Laura;
nor in the laurel nor the pine nor the myrtle
can such a sweet spirit be heard to murmur. O happy he for who she breathes,
and how blessed is he who sighes for her!
He whose heart is inspired by her
may aspire to heaven with his valour.

This text is an early verse for Laura Peverara, probably written in the 1560s, when Laura was still only in her teens.


Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 04 October, 2002.

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