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Geloso amante


Settings:  Luzzaschi, IIa5, 1576

Geloso amante, apro mille occhi e giro
e mille orecchi ad ogni suono intenti,
e sol di cieco horror larve e spaventi
quasi animal ch’adombre odo e rimiro.
S’apre un riso costei s’in dolce giro
lieta rivolge i begli occhi lucenti,
se tinta di pieta gli altrui lamenti
accoglie, o move un detto od’ un sospiro,
temo ch’altrui ne goda e che m’invole
l’aura e la luce, e ben mi duol che spieghi
raggio di sua bellezza in alcun lato.
Si nieghi a me pur ch’a ciascun si nieghi
che quando altrui non splenda il mio bel sole,
ne le tenebr’ anchor vivrò beato.
A jealous lover, I open a thousand eyes
and turn a thousand ears to every sound,
and I see and hear only blind horror, ghosts and fears
as if a beast lurked in the shade.
If she laughs or sweetly turns
to glance with her bright eyes,
if moved with pity to another’s laments,
touched by a word or sigh,
I fear that others will enjoy her and steal from me
air and light, and I am truly sorrowful that she should spread
the rays of her beauty in any other place.
Let her be denied to me provided she be denied to others
because when my lovely sun shines for nobody else,
I can live happily in the darkness.



Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 04 October, 2002.

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