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Forsennata gridava

Source:   Gerusalemme liberata, Canto XVI/40

Settings:  Wert, VIIIa5, 1586

Forsennata gridava: O tu che porte
teco parte di me, parte ne lassi,
o prendi lun o rendi laltra, o morte
da insieme ad ambe: arresta, arresta i passi,
sol che ti sian le voci ultime porte;
non dico i baci, altra pi degno avrassi
quelli da te. Che temi, empio, se resti?
Potrai negar poi ch fuggir potesti.

The crazed woman cried out: O you who takes
with you part of me and leaves the other,
either take the one or give back the other, or kill
both at the same time: stay! stop your steps,
at least let our voices be the last link;
I do not speak of kisses, another might be more worthy
of yours. What do you fear if you remain, oh evil one?
You could deny, since you were able to flee.



Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 28 November, 2001.

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