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Forse è cagion l’aurora

Source:   Tasso, 1593; modern edition, Tasso/Basile, 1994

Forse è cagion l’aurora
di questo bel concento
che fan le fronde e i rami e l’acque e ’l vento?
O con sì dolce modo
il ciel Tarquinia onora,
e per lei de la terra s’innamora.
I’ odo, o parmi, i’ odo
la voce: ella è pur dessa;
ecco Tarquinia viene, Amor s’appressa!

Perhaps the reason for the dawn
 is the beautiful sound
the leaves and the branches and the waters and the wind make?
O in this sweet way,
the sky honours Tarquinia
and because of her falls in love with the earth.
I hear, or it seems to me, I hear
a voice: it can only be hers;
lo, Tarquinia comes, and Love approaches.

For Tarquinia Molza.


Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 04 October, 2002.

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