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Gratie ch’a poch’il ciel largo destina


Settings:  Wert, VIIa5, 1581

Gratie ch’a poch’il ciel largo destina,
rara virtù non già d’umana gente,
sotto biondi capei canutamente,
e’n umil donna alta beltà divina.
Leggiadria singolare e pellegrina,
e’l cantar che ne l’anima si sente
l’andar celeste e’l vago spirt’ ardente,
ch’ogni dur rompe ed ogni altezza inchina.
E quei begl’occhi ch’i cor fanno smalti,
possenti a rischiarar abisso e notte,
e torre l’alm’a corpi e darle altrui
col dir pien d’intelletti dolci ed alti,
coi sospir soavemente rotti.
Da questi magi trasformato fui.

Graces which the generous heavens destin to few,
rare virtue not seen among the human race,
under blond hair, the wisdom of grey hairs,
a humble lady with divine beauty.
A singular and strange gracefulness.
and singing which is felt in the soul
a celestial gait and a beautiful, passionate spirit
that breaks all hardness and makes the lofty bow.
And these beautiful eyes that turn hearts to enamel
have the power to brighten the abyss and nights
and to draw souls from bodies and give them to others
with speech full of sweet and high intellect,
broken only with gentle sighs.
By these magicians I was transformed.



Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 26 November, 2001.

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