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Qual vita al campo sola

Source:  Serassi, 1750

Qual vita al campo sola
viver omai disegno;
poichè il primo sostegno
mi tolse, che le cose umane invola.
Nè fia, ch’io più m’appoggi
ad altro in piano, o poggi,
che da procella vasta
serbarmi altro non basta.
This life, in the field ,
I resolve to live forever alone;
because my first support
is taken from me, because human things are stolen away.
Nor will I any more rely
on another, below, or on high,
for against the vast storm
another will not suffice.

This text commemorates the death of Tarquinia's husband, Paolo Porrino, in 1579.

Written by Laurie Stras.

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