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L’Aura, che, mossa a voi d’intorno, e gira

Source:   Manfredi, 1580; modern edition, DurMart, 1989

L’Aura, che, mossa a voi d’intorno, e gira
col Nome vostro in questa parte, e in quella,
tal vi dipinge valorosa e bella
ch’indarno ogni altra a cotal merto aspira.
Dice: ‘Beato è ben chi lieto mira
le meraviglie nove accolte in ella.
Nobil fanciulla sembra; e Dea novella
è certo, e tal, ch’infino il Ciel l’ammira,
move da gli occhi, e dal suo canto Amore
foco divin, ch’altrui può far felice:
se danza, o suona, ivi se stessa accende.
Quand’hebbe il Mincio mai simile honore?
E quando il Mondo? o vera, alma Fenice,
te la tua propria gloria, eterna rende.’

The breeze, that, moves around you, and turns
with your name this way and that,
describes you so valiant and beautiful
that in vain all other women aspire to such merit.
And it says, ‘Truly blessed is he who happily sees
the new marvels gathered in her.
She appears a noble maiden, and certainly a new Goddess,
and such a one, that Heaven infinitely admires,
Love moves by her eyes, and by her song
a divine fire, that can make another happy:
either dancing, or playing, therein she herself sets it alight.
Whenever did the Mincio have such an an honour?
And when the world? O truly, blessed Phoenix,
your own glory makes you eternal.’

This text, for Laura Peverara, was written before her arrival at Ferrara, showing that her activities at Mantua may not have been substantially different to those at Ferrara.


Written by Laurie Stras.

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