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Da l'odorate spoglie


Setting:  Luzzaschi, IVa5, 1596

Da l'odorate spoglie
sciogliete homai la mano
che’l mio voler
e disvoler mi toglie.
Et quell’ Arpa felice
a cui non si disdice,
stringersi col bel petto
d’amor fido ricetto,
togliete e con l’usata leggiadria,
fateci udir: “Cara la vita mia”.

From a perfumed gown
now free the hand
that takes my will
and my unwillingness away.
And take up that happy harp,
to which nothing is denied
pressed to a beautiful breast
the temple of faith and love,
and with the usual grace
let us hear “Cara la vita mia”.

This text, written  for Laura Peverara, asks her to sing Giaches de Wert's madrigal 'Cara la vita mita'.


Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 04 October, 2002.

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