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Allhor diss’io, che restai preso e vinto

Source:  Diversi, n.d.

Allhor diss’io, che restai preso e vinto
al canto tuo, c’hai di Sirena il canto;
hor ch’in un mar di pianto
vuoi pur vedermi estinto,
o nemica d’Amore,
dico c’hai di Sirena il canto, e ’l cuore.
Now I would say, who was taken and vanquished
by your singing, you that have the Siren’s song;
now in a sea of sorrow
you would like to see me extinguished,
o enemy of love,
I say that you have the Siren’s song, and her heart.



Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 26 November, 2001.

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