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S’amor, con belta sol d’alma fanciulla

Source:  Sacerdote, 1575

S’amor, con beltà sol d’alma fanciulla,
di dolce foco or tal pett’ingombra
ond’i sensi involati il cor adombra
qual arde, qual alletta e qual trastulla.
Con piu furor e men fatica o nulla
accende a suo bel agio lega e sgombra
desio voglia e rigor sotto vostr’ombra
ch’ei fe lega con voi fin da la culla.

N’ardir egl’ha senza il bel vostro viso;
com’all contrario ond’ogni cor si spetra -
voi d’Aragne seconda vincitrice,
voi divina e d’Apollo immitratrice,
col cembalo, col pletro e con la cetra
formate in terra un novo Paradiso.
If love, with the beauty only of that blessed maiden,
with sweet fire now burdens this breast
so that the stolen senses the heart obscures
such fire, such enticement, and such diversion
with more furor and less effort or none
it catches alight, to its sweet ease, binds and clears
desire, will and rigor beneath your shadow
which is bound to you from the cradle.

None may burn with desire without your beautiful face;
on the contrary thus every heart will melt from stone -
you the second [female] victor of Arachne,
you who are divine and a [female] imitator of Apollo,
with harpsichord, with plectrum and with cythara,
you make a new paradise on Earth


Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 26 November, 2001.

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