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Mentre fa con gli accenti

Source:  Luzzaschi, 1571

Mentre fa con gli accenti
Tarquinia risonar l’aria d’intorno
e così pone ’l freno a’ fiumi, e a’ venti,
il portator del giorno
crede che sia Caliope e ’l carro gira,
ma poi che la rimira,
gli par del terzo ciel la bella Dea.
‘Ond’abbagliat’il senso, e l’intelletto,
ch’io ti fossi soggetto,’
disse, ‘Non ti bastava ò Citherea,
mercè del foco tuo leggiadro e santo,
se non mi soggiogavi ancor col canto’.

While Tarquinia makes the air all around
 resound with music [ornaments],
and thus reins in the rivers and the winds,
the carrier of the day [Phoebus],
believing that it is Calliope, turns his carriage,
but when he sees her,
she seems to him the beautiful Goddess of the third heaven.
‘And so dazzling the sense and intellect,
so that I am made your subject’,
he said, ‘was not enough, o Venus,
thanks to your happy and blessed fire;
you also subjugated me with your song.

The text is one of the earliest to describe Tarquinia Molza in the act of singing, and also one of the first to be set.

Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 04 October, 2002.

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