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Il dolce sonno

Source:  Wert, 1561

Setting:  Wert, Ia4, 1561

Il dolce sonno mi promise pace,
ma l’amara vegghiar mi torn’in guerra:
il dolce sonno è ben stato fallace,
ma l’amara vegghiar, oimè! non erra.
Se’l ver m’annoi e’l falso sì mi piace,
non od’o vegga mai più ver in terra!
se’l dormir mi mi da gaudio, e’l vegghiar guai
poss’io dormir senza destarmi mai.

Sweet sleep promised me peace,
but bitter wakefulness wars in me:
sweet sleep has been so deceptive,
but bitter wakefulness, alas, never lies.
If the truth troubles me, and falsehood pleases me so
may I not hear or see truth again on earth.
If sleep gives me joy and wakefulness sorrow,
may I sleep and never more awaken.



Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 28 February, 2002.

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