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Al dolce vostro canto

Source:  Luzzaschi, 1576

Al dolce vostro canto
ch’i fiumi affrena e queta l’aere e ’l vento
vidi pur io fermarsi il cielo intento;
e ’l tempo che fuggia sì lieve e presto
alhor ritenne il sole
ch’immobil festi al suon delle parole.
Però se quel cantar soave honesto
udir potess’io ogn’hora
il fior de l’età nostra eterno fora.

At your sweet song,
which stops the rivers and quiets the air and the wind,
indeed I saw the busy heavens halt;
and time which flew so lightly and quick,
now held back the sun,
which you made immobile at the sound of [your] words.
Thus if I  that sweet and honest singing
could hear always,
the flower of our age would blossom eternally.


Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 26 November, 2001.

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