Lucrezia Bendidio - Contessa Machiavelli, active at Ferrara c.1561-c.1585

Livia d'Arco - Contessa Bevilacqua, active at Ferrara 1579-1611.

Anna Guarini - Contessa Trotti, active at Ferrara 1580/1-1598.

Tarquinia Molza - active at Parma c.1560-post 1581; active at Ferrara before 1583-1589.

Laura Peverara - Contessa Turca, active at Mantua c.1565-1580; active at Ferrara 1580-1601.

Leonora Sanvitale - Contessa di Scandiano, active at Parma c.1573-76; at Ferrara 1576-82.




Written by Laurie Stras.

Last updated 04 October, 2002.

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