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Senior Lecturer in Music, University of Southampton

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Journal Articles

'The Madrigals of Marc'Antonio Ingegneri'. Musiek & Wetenschap 2:2 (1992), 1-28.

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Book Chapters

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Dictionary entries

'Marc'Antonio Ingegneri'. The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, second edition, Macmillan, 2001.


Recordings (as producer)

Dangerous Gracesmusic by Cipriano de Rore and his pupils, Musica Secreta. Linn CKD 169, 2002.


Periodical Features

'Muted voices of girl power'. Times Higher Education Supplement (19 April, 2002), 20-21.



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Review of Iain Fenlon, Music and Culture in Late Renaissance Italy (Oxford University Press, 2002) in Renaissance Quarterly (forthcoming 2004).



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Last updated 20 April, 2004.

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