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For information about joining the club and our beginners course for the new academic year see the Getting Started page

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We are affiliated to the British Judo Association (BJA). Their web site has information about british Judo, the BJA grading syllabus, a calendar of events and an active discussion forum.

British Judo Association

BJA Southern Area

BJA Hampshire

Judo Resources

www.judoinfo.com : a huge amount of information about Judo including animations and videos of techniques.

Local Clubs

As we only run the club during university term time, club members can be found at various local clubs during the rest of the year. Some of the clubs we typically invade are shown below

Winchester Judo Club : A Tuesday night session with beginners from 7.30pm to 8.30pm and all grades from 8.30pm to 10pm The sessions have a mix of technique and randori training.

Southampton City JudoTuesday, Thursday and Sunday sessions

Equipment, Accessories, DVDs etc.

Fighting Films : the source for judo DVDs, as well as the excellent Masterclass series of books and other accessories

Blitz Sport : Judo suits and equipment for all forms of martial art


USIST : The University of Sheffield run an annual international team tournament for university judo clubs.

BUCS Championships : Our main competition focus each year.

Local Copies of Useful Documents

If any external links to useful documents are not working, here are links to local copies

BJA license application form

Pictorial reference for Shin-Kokusai-Shiaiwaza techniques

Description of Shin-Kokusai-Shiaiwaza techniques

Pictorial Guide to BJA Kyu Grade Syllabus

BJA Kyu Grade Syllabus

Kyu Grade Record of Knowledge