Past Grants/RESEARCH


1985 £2million R&D grant awarded by BAe for the development of an automated forming machine for Airbus Wing components. Machine successfully developed and patents granted.


1993 COMETT (STAR; Specialised Training in Aeronautics and Research) grant for the development of teaching material for “Aerospace Manufacturing Control” (8,000 ECU).

1994 European Social Fund grant to support MSc in Manufacturing and Management Information Systems course (£290 K)

1994 Co-collaborator with Bristol University on the development of a “multimedia handbook for engineering design” (HEFC grant NTI-42)

1995 European Social Fund grant to support MSc in Manufacturing and Management Information Systems course (£73 K)


Development of IT tools for design optimisation and cost modelling for BAe Airbus on the A3XX composite wing. (£600K 3 year ACES programme). 1998-2000


Use of formal design techniques in the development of medical devices. (Lead academic on £200K EPSRC/Medlink funded SuPort programme). 1998-2001


Development of Advanced project management tools (£25K) for Concurrent Engineering. (QR funded PROMISE (Project Management for Integrated Systems Engineering) Research). 1998-2001


ICES (Implied Cost Evaluation System)EPSRC Grant (£350 K over 2 years) to investigate advanced computer tools for modelling the cost of aerospace products (ICES Grant Ref GR/M58825).2000-2002


TANGO (Transport Aircraft Near Goal Objectives) EU framework VI collaborative project. Work involves provision of software tools for BAE (Airbus) to study weight/cost trade-off studies. 2001 to current.


SimPharm.  £25K UK government funded study into improved logistics in the health service. This work involves the use of simulation to model hospital logistics. 2001 to current.

Virtual Factory modelling. £15K Airbus funded study to develop "knowledge based" virtual factory generation in support of product costing. 2002-current.

Electronic encyclopaedia. £5k directly-funded web-development work for the aerospace industry to develop a "live" electronic catalogue for avionics configurations. 2002.

PROMISE Airbus Trials. £20K Airbus funded trial of a revolutionary aerospace project management toolkit. 2002-current.

Plexus Manager. Spin-off company created to exploit the work of the PROMISE project. Winner of the South-West business plan competition first prize of £12k.


CODA (Customer Optimised Design Analysis). DTA -funded PhD studentship aimed at developing optimisation tools which integrate with Quality Function Deployment.(QFD). 2002-current


DATUM project (RR funded cost analysis toolkit) £500k 2002-current.


Aerospace probabilistic fault analysis using Bayesian networks. CASE/Airbus funded

PhD studentship. 2002-current.


PENDING Research submissions:


IPAS. RR led £2.5m DTI project (September 2004)

WELKIN Airbus-led £5m DTI project (November 2004)