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Jim Scanlan received a materials science degree from Manchester University in 1977. He then spent over 12 years in the aerospace industry in a variety of roles, his final post being Head of Manufacturing Research at BAe regional aircraft.

Whilst at BAe, Jim studied for an MSc at Salford University in aerospace design, and was sponsored by British Aerospace to study for a year at Cranfield University on a manufacturing management fellowship programme.

Jim joined the University of the West of England in 1990 and completed a PhD in 1995 in computer modelling of the Aerospace Design Process. Jim was appointed to Reader in 2004.

In September 2004 Jim accepted a post at Southampton University as director of design within the Computational Engineering Design Centre (CEDC).

Jim manages a number of research programmes sponsored by BAE systems, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and the EPSRC.

He has a particular interest in Design, Logistics, Simulation and Optimisation of organisations.

He runs a number of MSc courses in these disciplines as part of the Aerospace IGDS MSc programme.

Jim has recently created a spin-off business aimed at exploiting research into design process modelling.

 I am a keen squash player and play for Wykeham in the Hampshire leagues. To see my Hampshire ranking click here; Squash.

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ACSIAN Spin-Off business


Undergraduate Teaching


Aerospace Design (SES A2007/M2008)

Lecture notes; 

Introductory Concept Design Paper


Lecture 1 Introduction and customer reqmts

Lecture 2 Concept generation

Lecture 3 Design matrices

Lecture 4 Design Search tools and techniques

Lecture 5  Motorcycle helmet case study

Lecture 6 Structured cost analysis

Lecture 9 Concurrent Engineering

Design case studies and tutorials

Team groupings

Motorcycle helmet concept design spreadsheet


TRIZ 40 principles


Case study


Example binary weighting matrix


Final report guidelines


To download a copy of the Vanguard Studio (DecisionPro) analysis software tool please visit the following URL


Aircraft Design (SES A3002)

·         Case Study

·         Introductory lecture

·        Aerospace Design Resources

·        Team working  Resources

·           Simon Newman website

·           Airbus Case Study 2006

·          Individual assignment guidance note




UAV Design GDP

·        Case Study


MSc Modules

DSO Module SESG6019

          Excel Design Structure Matrix Spreadsheet tool

            Introductory lecture

            Nasa paper on DSM

            User guide

            Case study overview

            Case study paper

            Student team list 2007

·        Concurrent Engineering

·        Aerospace Life Cycle Costing

·        Aerospace Design Process

     D8 Resources and web site




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