University of Southampton
Institute for Applied Mass Spectrometry



The University of Southampton Institute for Applied Mass Spectrometry (UoSIAMS) brings together teams and individuals from across the University whose research is based on the application and use of mass spectrometry. Centred on activity within the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Science its membership includes groups from Chemistry, Geochemistry and the Isotope Geochemistry Unit at the National Oceanography Centre (NOCS), the Centre for Proteomics Research in the Institute for Life Sciences together with the Lipidomics and Lipid Dynamics Group in the School of Medicine.

The Institute provides expertise and research leadership in the application of mass spectrometry in distinctive and world-leading research programmes. These range from supporting the synthetic chemistry community, systems biology programmes based on molecular species identification and quantification in lipidomics and proteomics, through markers of identity and origin in disaster victim identification or geochemical archæology, to nutrient cycling and fluxes in estuaries and coastal/shelf waters.