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Welcome to the Southampton University Kung Fu Club – Hung Leng Kuen Kung Fu / traditional Wu Shu.

Instructed by trained experts, the style was developed by founder and lifetime practitioner, Sijo J.R. Dutton, from several Martial Art styles and develops health, focus, strength, flexibility, knowledge, ability, and self confidence for practical, on-the-street self defence and for those who wish to learn a traditional martial art.


3rd of October 2017

We are now following our term-time training schedule. Please check the Schedule page for details. Hung Leng Kuen always welcomes enquiries and attendance from new students!

Visit the Schedules page to learn how to find us for your first lesson!

Although the club is based at the University, it is open to local residents and students from elsewhere in Southampton and the surrounding areas.

How are we different?

In Hung Leng Kuen, we focus extensively on the self-defence aspects of the art. We want all our students to be confident and feel safe wherever they are. There have been too many stories of violent attacks - mostly against students - in the Southampton area over the last few years so we want to help anyone we can to avoid them and defend themselves should the need arise.

Our club also has a strong social side. Every Easter we go on our week-long annual holiday, usually to the south coast, to enjoy the Spring sunshine, train and generally have fun before the upcoming exams.

We can often be found in the local pub after training (alcohol not compulsory). We also hold regular social events in Southampton where we get together for an evening and have some fun.
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