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2Seas is an EU funded project looking at high reliability UAVs for civil and maritime surveillance. It consists of a team of eight or so researchers of the University of Southampton.

The 2Seas aircraft (Decode Mark VI) are twin petrol engine with a mixture of nylon rapid prototyped and numerically cut foam components with carbon fiber spars and on-board fully autonomous autopilots. All up weight of the first 2Seas prototype is just under 20 kg.

The payload pods can be specified to carry a range of cameras and overall endurance can be 12 hours or more. Twin on-board generators maintain avionics capability for extended duration flights.

Extensive use of rapid prototyping allows for a massive integral fuel tank as well as a fully detachable and interchangeable payload module.

Profs Jim Scanlan and Andy Keane

Computational Engineering & Design Group

University of Southampton,

Highfield, Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK

Phone: +44(0)2380 592944

E-mail: decode

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Automated take-off, circuit and landing trials. Tracks for 23 operations shown.