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Population Ecology at Southampton University


C. Patrick Doncaster
Professor in Ecology
School of Biological Sciences
B85, Life Sciences Building
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ

Email: cpd[at]

Phone: +44 (0)2380 594352


1995- . . . . Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Reader / Professor in Ecology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton

1994-1995 Chercher Associé, Institut d'Écologie, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

1990-1994 Research Assistant, Department of Zoology, Oxford

1985-1990 Poste Rouge / Ingénier de Recherche, CNRS Centre d'Études Biologiques, France

1980-1985 D.Phil. in Zoology, University of Oxford

1977-1980 BSc in Environmental Sciences (1st-class), University of East Anglia


Research by my group includes theory and fieldwork on the movements of individuals within and between local populations, and their adaptations to crowded environments. We study forest biodiversity and the interactions between humans and predators and their shared prey, acoustic ecology and applications of open-source conservation technology, early warning signals of tipping points in living systems under anthropogenic stress, and mechanisms for climate-change mitigation. We use and develop robust methods of evidence-based analysis.


Current and recent postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers include:

- Cristina Argudín, PhD on conservation of felids in a changing climate (funded by CONACyT)

- Connor Butler, PhD on conservation of anurans in montain forests of Peninsular Malaysia (funded by NERC-SPITFIRE DTP; co-supervisor Dr Kelvin Peh)

- Connor Bamford, PhD on patterns of marine predator habitat use in the South Atlantic (funded by NERC-SPITFIRE DTP; co-supervised at the British Antarctic Survey with Dr Phil Trathan, Dr Jenifer Jackson and Dr Iain Staniland)

- Andy Hill, PhD on open-source hardware for environmental monitoring (funded by EPSRC; co-supervision with Professor Alex Rogers and Dr Jake Snaddon)

- Peter Prince, PhD on open-source software for environmental monitoring (funded by NERC-SPITFIRE DTP; co-supervision with Professor Alex Rogers and Dr Jake Snaddon)

- Evelyn Piña Covarrubias, PhD 2019 on interactions of large felids with their prey and humans in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico and Belize (funded by CONACyT; co-supervision with Professor Felix Eigenbrod)

- Alice Ball, PhD 2019 on anthropogenic impacts on jaguar movement in wildlife corridors (funded by EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Complex Systems Simulation; co-supervisor Dr James Dyke)

- Becks Spake, PhD 2016 on biodiversity of fungi in the New Forest (funded by BBSRC). Spake et al. (2015 Conserv. Biol.) winner of 2nd prize in the 2016 Conservation Biology Rising Star Award

- Angela Watkins, PhD 2015 on applications of complexity science to conservation (funded by EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Complex Systems Simulation; co-supervisor Dr Jason Noble). Watkins et al. (2015 Ecol. Model.) winner of 2nd prize in the 2016 Best Young Researcher Award from the International Society for Ecological Modelling

- Louise Fairless, PhD 2013 on ecophysiology of bats (funded by the School of Biological Sciences and the Kerkut trust; co-supervision with Professor Phil Newland, Professor Felix Eigenbrod, Dr Lex Kraaijeveld)

- Débora Borges, PhD 2013 on sustainable exploitation of limpets in the Azores (funded by Portuguese FCT Scholarship; co-supervisor Professor Steve Hawkins)

- Tania Gilbert, PhD 2012 on captive breeding of scimitar-horned oryx (funded by Marwell Zoo)

- Vasthi Alonso, PhD 2012 on mathematical models of fragmented ecosystems (funded by Conacyt; co-supervision with Professor Tim Sluckin)

- Susanna Sherwin, PhD 2011 on multidrug tolerance in bacterial biofilms (funded by BBSRC Doctoral Training Account; co-supervision with Dr Jeremy Webb)

- Dr Martin Skov, NERC post-doctoral researcher 2006-2009 on consumer responses to habitat depletion: food-refuge interactions in periwinkles

- Becci Foster, PhD 2009 on jaguar-human conflict in Belize (funded by NERC)

- Pippa Wood, PhD 2007 on sustainable conservation for shorebirds (funded by English Nature, ABPmer, Beaulieu Estate)

- Bart Harmsen, PhD 2007 on conservation of jaguars in Belize (funded by NERC)

- Rich Young, PhD 2006 on ecology of dispersal in hedgehogs (funded by CSL)

- Dr Laura Guichón, UNESCO-L'Oréal Fellowship 2004-2005 on invasion dynamics of the Red-Bellied Beautiful Squirrel; named as one of the outstanding women of 2004 by Clarín

- Nikki Tagg, PhD 2004 on coexistence of reproductive modes (funded by NERC, MBA)

- Andrew Davey, PhD 2003 on competitive interactions in stream fish communities (funded by FSBI)

- Sarah Benge, PhD 2002 on nutrient selection in fallow and roe deer

- Graeme Pound, PhD 2001 on maintenance of sexual reproduction (funded by EPSRC)

- Matt Henderson, PhD 2001 on population genetic structure of hedgehogs (funded by BBSRC)

- Will Betz, MPhil 2001 on conservation of tree kangaroos

- Adam Kent, PhD 2000 on influences of recruitment on population persistence (funded by University of Southampton)


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Statistics for Biologists

*   Lexicon of statistics

*   Means and variances

*  Confidence intervals and R code for plotting them

*   Terminology of analysis of variance

*   Examples of analysis of variance and covariance

*   Orthogonal contrasts for balanced analysis of variance

*   Statistical power for balanced analysis of variance

*   R for analysis of variance and covariance


Population Ecology and Evolution

*   Lexicon of evolutionary genetics

*   Lexicon of reproductive modes

*   Model for population growth

*   Timeline of human evolution and cultural development


Conservation Biology

*   Organisations and conventions on environmental issues

*   Logical framework for valuing natural capital

*   How can we as individuals contribute to stopping biodiversity loss?



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*   Graduate School of Biological Sciences

*   Undergraduate programmes in Biological Sciences





*   Datasets and programs for study designs with Analysis of Variance

*   R codes for study designs with Analysis of Variance

*   Programs for statistical analysis

*   Programs for analysing interaction from radio-tracking data







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