My PhD research at Cambridge (with Gary Gibbons and Natalie Deruelle) was on quantum effects in the early universe.

In my first postdoc at Utah (with Richard Price) I switched to classical general relativity and the physics of collapse and black holes. Inspired by Matt Choptuik, I started to work on the theory of critical phenomena in gravitational collapse, and continued with this topic during my second postdoc in Madrid. There I also started working with Jose Maria Martin-Garcia, who has been my main collaborator, and is now at Wolfram.

In my third postdoc at AEI (with Juergen Ehlers and Ed Seidel) I focused on numerical relativity and in particular the binary black hole problem.

From my fourth and last postdoc at Chicago (with Bob Wald), and throughout my current faculty position at Southampton, I have been dividing my time between

with side interests in matter in general relativity and gravity in 2+1 dimensions.

I have published 64 refereed papers with 2700 citations. My h-number is 24. (Both excluding self-citations).

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