8.0 Recommended Books                                                                                                      Back

1. Modern Parasitology (2nd Edition) F.E.G. Cox Blackwell


6: Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics

8: Immunology

9: Chemotherapy

2. 'Immunity to parasites': How parasitic infections are controlled   (Reserve Collection)

D. Wakelin 2nd edition


2. The immune response

4. Intracellular protozoa

5. African trypanosomes

6. Schistosomes

7. Gastrointestinal nematodes

8. Nematodes that invade tissues


3. 'Methods in Microbiology'  Volume 25   (Reserve Collection)


4.2 The Leishmaniosis model

5.0 Art and science of DNA vaccines

6.0 Preparation and the use of adjuvants

C.E. Bennett 2006