14.0 Key Skills:                                                               Back

  Time management is an important part of this and the course including lectures and practicals should occupy you for a

  minimum   of 10hrs / week.

  1. Improving your own learning and performance

You will make use of the Key skills web-site at:


  1. IT
  2. Use the Internet  at http://www.soton.ac.uk/~ceb  'Ecto and Endo Parasites' Pages supported by the course co-ordinator

    Your essay should be word processed but must not contain any copied material even diagrams and tables (Strict rules on plagiarised material apply).

  3. Communication

          Your contacts with demonstrators will be

  1.  Working with others
  2. : Group working in the laboratories
  3.  Numeracy and Problem solving

Present in practicals B and C

      vi  Subject specific Skills

These include development of your understanding of infections immunology, diagnostic methods and life cycle patterns in parasitology.


Dr. Clive Bennett 2006