6.0  Continuous Assessment: N.B. The poster and presentation contribute to the 'Key skills' in this course.                                                                                                          

6.1 On line assessment:   This is worth 15% of your course.

The test of Leishmaniosis Immunology is to be conducted in week 4. This date is well separated from other deadlines and is not near to the end of a term.

(Remember Leishmaniosis is a zoonosis and so please look at the overview of this  Interactive material to become familiar with the veterinary implications.)

It provides a good example of a  parasite working with the human immune response. It should be an equalising experience for students with different backgrounds in immunology.


6.2   Poster /Presentation  Seminars in weeks 5 - 8.  (Also worth 15% of your course).

INSTRUCTIONS Titles for the Seminar / Poster  presentations   will be available on Blackboard

All Seminar ORAL Presentations will be in building 29

In week 1 choose a partner and in the first session  submit first, second and third choices of title  by email to

Usually students get their first or second choice .


Presentations are in weeks 5 to 8. You will be choose / be allocated to one of these weeks.

Posters are only shown in week 8 and should be in place by 12.30 in Building 62  on  the poster boards outside the Padua in Building 62 .

The final Poster session will follow concluding lectures in Building 29. Interaction bnote taking form posters  feeedback and marking will be from 3.00p.m.

All students are encouraged to take notes from the posters as they will provide a component of the background reading which will be important in providing good examination answers.


Advice for constructing a poster: 

POSTERS should be easy to read from a distance of 1 metre.

Poster size: 60 cm wide by 1 metre high  Students should provide this on coloured card .

Use at least one diagram or flow chart. These should ideally be original.

Use a vertical downward flow for text blocks  sheet or if appropriate arrange around a circle. 

You MUST provide:


PRESENTATION: Powerpoint is encouraged otherwise acetates

Normally in pairs :

Each pair will be required to produce a 10 minute 'bullet - pointed presentation'.

Also use a small number of large diagrams .



There will be two prizes** of a bottle of wine for the best poster.(Given at the time week 8).

* One prize will be for the best presentation selected by the students on the course. 

* The other prize will be for the best academic presentation selected by academic staff on the course.

(If the same team wins both then the second place academic winner will receive this prize).


Dr Clive Bennett E-mail:

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