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The course comprises lectures, + Continuous assessment

a. Treatments and resistance to treatments (Drugs)

b. Molecular aspects of the the immune responses to parasites: MHC & cytokines

c. Molecular aspects of the parasites surfaces and survival mechanisms.

d. Vaccine development.

The parasites covered will be restricted to a small number:

Veterinary nematodes and Medical Parasites listed by the World Health Organisation 

i  Nematodes causing Parasitic Gastro-Enteritis (PGE)

ii  Filariases: causing Elephantiasis and River Blindness

iii Hookworms: causing anaemia.

Resistance to Ectoparasite treatments:

iv Animal mange, human head lice and Scabies

v  Resistance to Anthelmintics in  Schistosomiosis: causing Bilharzia

Protozoan parasitology

vi. Malaria causing: fever, anaemia and cerebral effects   

vii. Trypanosomiosis (African and American): causing Sleeping sickness

viii. Leishmaniosis: causing Kala-Azar, cutaneous and muco-cutaneous  **(Includes Immunology as a test in week 6 contributing to your continuous assesment).

viii Toxoplasmosis disease.


Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Clive Bennett  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Division

Room 5127 Extension 24407

Dr Clive Bennett E-mail: ceb@soton.ac.uk

Dr. Clive Bennett 2006