0.0 Timetable (Check on-line for updates)

    1.0 Course Aims and Objectives:

    2.0 Organisation

    3.0 Lecturers in order of appearance,          

    4.0 Course details and Marks

    5.0 Continuous Assessment

    6.0 Background reading

    7.0 Essays titles (Rules) For titles see Blackboard

    8.0 Bacteriology and Virology Learning resources (password protected)

    9.0 Lectures  Week 1 Diagnosis including Polymerase chain reaction

                                         Bacteriology lectures: synopses 

        (for updates of all other synopses see Blackboard).   

    10.0 Video Conquest of the Parasites + questions

    10.1 Parasitology      

    11.0 Virology              

            Other lectures

    12.0 Practical classes

    12.1 Rules for writing up practical classes

    12.2 General Introduction to Safety in Practicals

    12.3 Setting up phase-contrast microscopy

    12.4 Practicals

    Microscopy training

    A Microbiology

    B Protozoan parasite: Trypanosoma

    C Metazoan parasites: Hymenolepis

    D Metazoan parasites: Fasciola

    Reserve practical  Nematodes

    13.0 Previous examination papers  (2004 and 2005)

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