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Essay titles are posted on the University Blackboard Biol 2005 pages.

Chose and submit only one essay from any of the titles provided.

You are provided with a suggested starter reference; most are available in the hospital library or Boldrewood. Allowances will be made for the undoubted varying levels of difficulty and effort presented by the different topics.

Essays must be submitted by noon on Friday 24th March and a receipt collected.

N.B. The standard Biology Honours School rules apply to late submission of both practical books and essays without a medical note. There will be a 5% per day penalty which also applies over the Easter vacation.

The essay should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words.

When it comes to sending off Inter-Library Loans would you please ensure that you have left enough time. It will take 5-10 days for copies of papers which are not in our library to be sent to you. Therefore please ensure that within the first two weeks of the semester you have both done your ISI Web of Science http://wok.mimas.ac.uk search and submitted any Inter Library Loan Request forms so that they will arrive in time for you to complete and submit your essay before the Easter vacation.

The references given should only be regarded as "starters" they are usually not the most up to date or comprehensive. Credit will be given for your own bibliographic exploration of the subject. In particular you are reminded that the ISI Web of Science literature search system, available via the university network public terminals, may well be useful. Don't forget you can forward search in ISI Web of Science under author name or keyword once you have established the key authors and topics from your initial reading. A search under 'document type' : 'review' can be helpful. Alternatively, investigate relevant resources available via the internet,

For microbiology generally, a starting point is: http://www.asm.org/

for parasitology try my home page  www.soton.ac.uk/~ceb

However, remember that plagiarism is forbidden!


Dr. Clive Bennett 2005