4.0 Continuous assessment  

15% from a Course Essay (see section 7).

The essay must be submitted at the end of the spring term
Friday 24th March by noon . It will be returned to you via
the Biology Honours School Lab 4 W Pigeon holes by Friday
9th May.


15%  Practical (Marks from a Practical test only) 

Your attendance at all (including training microscopy) practicals will be logged.

You must submit your lab notes and write - up from the

practicals A-C to the CAS office by 4 p.m. on the

Tuesday following each practical.

These will be scrutinised by your personal demonstrator

and returned to you with feedback in the subsequent practical.


The final Lecture contains revision and feedback session will also cover a review of the

material in the final lab.


The Practical test will cover all four practicals.

See end of section 5.0 for details


Dr. Clive Bennett 2006