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Safety Information Sheet

 Your co-operation is requested in the smooth running of the four practicals by observing the following conditions of attendance.  

N.B. You MUST wear a lab coat and will be asked to leave if you arrive without one.

Rules which must be observed in the first practical and subsequently.

Please be in your place on time.

  1. Please do not bring unnecessary bags or coats into the lab. If you do so, please place them at the front of the lab. Move around the lab. only as directed.
  2. TURN OFF mobile phones.


  3. Identify a partner, and work in pairs on each bench.

  5. Allow yourself to be identified by your demonstrator and keep your place and demonstrator for all subsequent practicals. An attendance list will be kept.

  7. An advantage of the above arrangement will be the consistent provision of each student with a microscope of the same type in all the weeks that they are used.


Safety procedures:

1. Always wear protective clothing in the laboratory.

2. Scrub your hands with soap after practical classes and also after certain procedures involving the handling of hazardous chemicals or pathogens,  clean under the nails. Use paper towels and Kleenex tissues rather than personal handkerchiefs. Do not make hand to mouth movements. If you leave  the lab at any time wash your hands well beforehand.

3. Keep the bench tops clear of personal effects. After completing a practical class rinse all glassware and leave the bench tidy.

4. SAFETY the final responsibility for safety is in your hands. If you are in any doubt about safety ask the lecturer in charge.


Dr. Clive Bennett 2006