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While circulatory system diseases are the leading cause of death in the developed world, infectious and parasitic diseases kill the most in the developing world.
Source: The World Health Report, 1997

An introduction to parasites: The world's biggest problems of disease are parasites. They are principally Third World diseases which are largely ignored by the West. They are however listed by the WHO (with Leprosy) as the World's most significant diseases.

World population is taken as 4.2 x 10 9 in 1994.

No. of people infected (millions)


Malaria 300-500 M

Helminths: Including Tapeworms, Flatworms and Nematodes.


Taenia saginata 61 M


Schistosoma haematobium 78 M

S. japonicum 69 M

S. mansoni 57 M



Onchocerca volvulus (filarial worms carried by Blackflies) 39 M

Wuchereria spp. (filarial worms carried by Mostquitoes) 296 M

Ancylostoma sp. + Necator sp. 716 M

Ascaris lumbricoides 986 M



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