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This site aims to bring together some of the most successful international campaigning organisations. It may form the basis for  discussion on specific issues such as travelling to school and car pooling.

Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions  Developing a Strategy for Walking                          U.K. : Pilot projects for safe routes for children (includes Luton and Leicester).
SUSTRANS (Sustainable transport) Safe Routes for Children Website includes links to 

An Introduction to Safe Routes for Schools                                 Sustrans Demonstration Project
Local Authority Involvement                                                         Safe Routes to Schools Newsletters

Sciennes Safe Routes Safe Routes : Edinburgh including conference details 24th March 1999
AA Foundation for Road Safety Research:   The Family and the School Run.    (University of Westminster)
SUSTRANS Safer Cycling Routes SPOKES, The Lothian Cycle Campaign
Safe Routes to Schools
U.K. Transport White paper: including mention of Safe Routes to School. Scottish version of Transport  paper referring to Safe Routes to School.
Pedestrian safety for KIDS University of Washington Main site
Road Safety and Traffic control: Oxfordshire Community HELP - NSW Road Safety Program    AUSTRALIA
Woldwide Road Safety Information Links (by nation). ROSPA    U.K.

Other child safety organisations:

Anti-bullying Kidscape http://www.childfamilyresources.org/
Safe Kids http://www.safekids.com/index.html Stay Alert Stay Safe (SASS) - web resources for parents, teachers, police and anyone interested in keeping our children safe on the internet  http://www.sass.ca/amenu.htm
Kid Protection Network http://www.researchsvcs.com/kpn/ The National SAFE KIDS Campaign 1301 Pennsylvania Ave, NW,



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