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Educating children and families to reduce car journeys and enjoy exercise as a part of the daily routine of travelling to and from school. Some walking to school pilot projects are already underway in the U.K. as 'Safe Routes' and 'Walking Trains'.

The following is a set of original suggestions which grow from the concept of 'rainbow routes'.

Early training is essential and should begin with a cohort of primary school children where families will be required to sign up to the school rainbow routes.

The structure would continue through the school years with families living in colour coded sectors becoming familiar with each other and organising routes to ensure that they pass near to the largest number of houses en-route. This concept is 'Family Banding'

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Schools should help to establish the routes in consultation with parent groups and the local police. Once established it will be possible to determine the % of children walking from the colour coded sectors. An element of competition may then be introduced between the routes with figures produced by the families involved published on a termly basis. The prize could be as simple as the award of  'Red or Gold Route' status for the period of a year.

There should  be rules about not parking within a defined distance from any school. Safe drop off and meeting areas would be designated for car users and the concept of groups walking together to school instilled from this early age.

There could be competitions between the routes for the most children walking to school.

The objectives would be that:

How to organise Rainbow Routes

Dr. Clive Bennett 1st Mar. 1999  (No charge for use - permission required + acknowledgement).

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