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Getting children to school (on time) is a parental responsibility. Getting kids home can be more of a problem. In both cases parents often share the responsibility with each other or with other school members who are travelling to school.

The proposals for discussion incorporated in 'Rainbow Routes' is that groups of families on a route to school would share the route and help each other where they can. This is called 'family banding'. It can be organised at the school with a map and some colors, to color code routes or sectors and some color coded notice boards in the school for families to sign up / leave messages.


Children missing school for whatever reason would be more easily spotted by the group who walk to school together.

By starting with a primary school year and including that year subsequently the whole school would be involved in just a few years - probably sooner where volunteers come forward from older children and families.

Bullying should be reduced by children identifying with responsible 'rainbow groups' : children who walk to school together.


Dr. Clive Bennett 24th Jan 1999

Updated 8th march 1999