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We organised a superb reunion for Banbury Grammar School pupils who took GCEs in 1965 and A levels in 1967.  The reunion was held at the new Banbury Cricket Club at Bodicote on  Saturday 28th Nov 1998  About 63 out of 125 turned up on the night Nice Picture

Teachers that attended were Mrs. Eccles, Miss Ashbridge now Hubbard, Mr. Howe. Mr Lambert and Mr. Parker (above).

Those we are all still looking for include the following: Please help.

A.Aldridge,  I. Awe, J. Barratt,  J Cheetham,   E. Dargue, W. Davies, C. Douglas, P. Evans, A. Gregory, M. Hamon,  H. Hartwell, S. Jackson,  A.J. Keeling, Mason, G. Matthews, J. Mills, C. Mineef, J. Pearson, J. Pethebridge, K. Piggott, P. Richards, P. Robinson,  V. Shaw,  F. Southam, G. Stevenson, E. Suswillo, L.Thurlow, M. Thomas, A. Wood, L. Woodward, C. Worral.

(These are the maiden names for the girls of course). I am sure that they will appreciate it if you can
spare a minute should you recognise any of their names. Please copy the mesaage and forward it to them.
Very many thanks. Clive Bennett  Contact me by Email at ceb@soton.ac.uk


The full list including those we have found is:

P. Adams

A Aldridge

P. Ashby

J. Astley

J. Atkinson

I. Awe

C. Banks

J. Barratt

J. Barker

C. Barnes

C. Bennett

H. Bishop

G. Black

A. Boss

R. Broad

S. Brookfield

A. Bullard

B. Butler

S. Carrdus

D. Checkley

J Cheetham

C. Churchill

P. Claridge

D. Clark

K. Clarke

P. Cotterill

C. Cox

A. Cowie

M. Danson

E. Dargue

W. Davies

C. Douglas

F. Dow

C. Durham

M. Eastman

S. Enstone

Evans (Inky)

G. Ewins

R. Fearon

C. Fisher

R. Fooks

A. Fortnum

M. Foster

F. Garrett

P. Gibbs

T. Gibbs

C. Gilkes

M. Goodway

A. Greenwood

A. Gregory

K. Gunn

D. Hackett

E. Hallett

M. Hambridge

M. Hamon

E. Hawes

G. Hawkins

J. Heritage

G. Hirons

J. Hodges

S. Honour

B. Hoskins


A. Inns

S. Jackson

G. Jones

A.J. Keeling

L. Keen

M. Kitson

G. Matthews

D. Maycock

J. Mills

C. Mineef

H. Morgan

L. Nunnelly

R. Oliver

E. Oxlade

D. Parker

J. Pearson

J. Petherridge

A. Piggott

K. Piggott

C. Plumb

L. Prue

D. Quinn

M. Rance

P. Richards

D. Richards

T. Roberts

P. Robinson

M. Sands

P. Siggs

M. Shand

V. Shaw

M. Shields

J. Sloss

R. Smith

P. Stanbra

G. Stanley

R. Steele

G. Stevenson

A. Thomas

A. Thompson

M. Timms

L. Tobin

A. Toms

G. Walpole

H. Watkins

T. Watts

A. Wealsby

J. Wilcox

C. Worral


Email contact ceb@soton.ac.uk


Dr. Clive Bennett 1998