Lightfoot, Hannah

The following is copied from Index to royal Genealogical Data :

'George is alleged to have married Hannah in secret, but the documents relating
to the marriage have been impounded since 1866. They are now in the Royal
Archives at Windsor. She was the daughter of a Wapping Shoemaker and is said
to have born him three children.

Married 17 Apr. 1759 to Hanover, George III William Frederick, King of Britain'.

Below is summarised the evidence for the Taylor family's link to

Hanna Lightfoot and George III:

Hannah Lightfoot b. 1740, d. 1778

Hannah m. Isaac Axford (not consummated) and  immediately 'disappeared'.

Hanah Lightfoot m. George III (secret wedding) 1759

(N.B. This predates the Royal Marriages Act of 1772)


I     George 'Rex' (died in South Africa)  (Reference: Sunday Times 29. June 1997: Rajeev Sayal)

II    William (Taylor b. 1757 d 1797 assasinated) * Our ancestor.      

III   Mary (b 1767 d 1770)

* William Taylor m Elizabeth Cockin 15 July 1773    (Begbrooke Church Summary records only.)

(Elizabeth b. 1750 became an invalid)       No Issue.

* William Taylor lived with housekeeper:   Elizabeth Russel:  (Known as Madam Taylor: common law wife).


I       William    (born 1786)  Other information missing re: issue date of death. (Needs more research).

II      Elizabeth d. Nov. 14 1826

III    Robert b. 1788 d 1871                                  * Our Ancestor

IV    James d. 1829  Other information missing re: issue d.o.b. (Needs more research).

Robert Taylor m Sarah Jenys 2 Mar 1817 (Headington)


I    David Taylor b 1834                                         * Our Ancestor

David Taylor m. Elizabeth Pickett   23 Oct 1860 (Headington)


I     William Taylor b. 1862 d. 1936                         * Our Ancestor

II     Elizabeth b. 1865 d. 1955

III     Annie b. 1870

William Taylor m. Elizabeth Mary Ann Barrett 


I      Daisy b. 1888 d. 1973

II     Edgar b. 1890 d. 1969                                            * Our Ancestor

III    Harold b. 1892 d. 1918 buried in military grave (Headinton)

Edgar Taylor m. Lizzie Sturgeon 18.4.1915


I    Muriel Daisy Taylor    b. 23.11.1916 - present        (Mother of author).

Muriel Daisy Taylor m. Arthur John Bennett    (Headington)    Both alive today 23/1/2000


I    Malcolm John b. 1943                                     Married with children: living in France.

II    Clive Edgar b. 1948                   (The author).      Married with children: living in Southampton.