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Interests and Aspirations:

A Biologist but really a zoologist I have a particular interest in parasites. Parasitology is both my career and my love and it has allowed me to travel both physically and metaphorically i.e. globally and through the Animal Kingdom and into Medicine and Veterinary medicine.


1. Environmental issues

I was chair of the Southampton Environment Forum in the early 90's. I have been actively involved in road safety and environmental issues: I also successfully campaigned for a 'Zebra' crossing in my local area. I maintain an interest in both of these, though now only theoretical.

I have written in 1998 and 1999 to my M.P.  Professor Alan Whitehead, suggesting some campaigning ideas for reducing car use principally in travelling to school.  'Local Family banding & Rainbow Routes' are original contributions which are before the British Government Environment and Transport Select Committee which are currently looking into the Transport White Paper.

2. Historical pursuits.

I  produced, in a short period in the mid 1990s, a set of three Historic Maps that are on sale in Southampton and  Winchester at Waterstones, Dullness and WHSmith.

I have followed the genealogy of the Bennetts and the Taylors back to the 1650's and 1750's respectively. The former came exclusively from Oxfordshire Epwell, and the latter have a connection to Hannah Lightfoot and George III, but also exclusively through Oxfordshire: Cassington, Begbrooke and Headington.

3. I  organised a reunion of Banbury Grammar School pupils: those who took their GCEs in 1965 and A levels in 1967. This took place on 28th November 1998. I met up with loads of old friends for the first time in 33 years!

4. DIY

I have finished  a large Edwardian House and have now moved to an Arts and Crafts House!

5. Travel

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Canada 1973, sabbatical visit to South Carolina USA in 1989. International conferences in Poland, America, Canada, Australia. Egypt in 1998 and 1999.

9. Aspirations

a. Gliding. was fulfilled courtesy of Baclaycard profile points. See the aerial picture of Epwell


I am a ‘Consultant in Parasite Epidemiology’ and following a published study of the Epidemiology of human scabies in the U.K

I am currently working in a collaboration with CEGEDIM and Professor Michael Campbell, (Department of the Medical Statistics Department, Sheffield University U.K. and of the U.K. NICE committee) on a pilot for the diffusion of Scabies in Europe using data from France with a view to a wider European study.

I also been assist in the direction of parasite life cycle HD films , including for Bayer Animal Health plc.

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