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Zoonotic Protozoan Parasites:  Zoonotic Nematodes
ZoonoticPlatyhelminthes: Digenea Zoonotic  Platyhelminthes: Cestoda
Acarina: Ectoparasitic Infestations Zoonotic Insect Infections
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Zoonotic Protozoan Parasites:               (See Medical Endoparasites page for links)


Trypanosoma brucei gambiense and T. b. rhodesiense 



American trypanosomiasis:



Leishmania donovani, mexicana, brasiliensis, tropica


Babesia microti, bovis, divergens





Cryptosporidiosis: Cryptosporidia


 Giardia lamblia                                

Cyclospora cayetanensis                                     
TOXOPLASMOSIS:     Toxoplasma gondii (Obligatory developmental phase in cats).
Notes on Toxoplasmosis from 7th International Conference of the Egytptian Society for Infection Control Lecture Oct 1998 A.V.M.A.Toxoplasmosis Information

Helminths: (includes nematodes and platyhelminths). Academic Search system (Helminth):Clini-web

Zoonotic Nematode Parasites      (See Medical Endoparasites Page for links)

Ancylostomiasis Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus Anisakiasis: Anisakis, Phocanema and Contracaecum


Ascariasis: Ascaris                                                Capillariasis: Capillaria hepatica, philippinensis, aerophila
Oesophagostomiasis: Oesophogostmum stephanostomum, bifurcum,aculateum Stronyloidiasis: Strongyloides stercoralis and S. fuellborni
Toxocariasis:    Filariasis: Wucheraria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, Dirofilaria immitis
Dipylidium caninum by human ingestion of fleas !! Eustrongylides                       

Zoonotic Platyhelminthes: Digenea (See Medical Endoparasites for links)

Fasciola hepatica and gigantica Schistosomiasis: Schistosoma mansoni and S. haematobium (humans are the reservoir)

S. japonicum (Zoonotic)

Clonorchiasis: Clonorchis sinensis (syn Opisthorchis) Opisthorciasis: Opisthorcis felineus (tenuicollis), O. oviverrini, O. pseudofilineus, O. sinensis (syn Clonorchis)
Paragonimiasis:  Paragonimus westermani  

Platyhelminthes: Cestoda  (See Medical Endoparasites Pages for links)

Diphyllobothriasis: Diphylobothrium latum       Hymenolepiasis: Hymenolepis nana, diminuta
Cysticercosis and taeniasis: Taenia saginata and solium Cysticercus bovis and C. cellulosae
Echinococcosisexample link : ECHINONET  

Zoonotic Acarina: Ectoparasitic Infestations  (See Medical Ectoparasites Pages for links)

Scabies: Sarcoptes scabei, S. equi, Notoedres cati

Research by the author on scabies in the U.K.

Trombiculiasis possible vector to Rickettsia pavlovskyi which causes haemorrhagic nephroso-nephritis. Pediculosis; Phthiraptera
Tick Infestations Ixodes which causes Lyme disease : a review by the author The tick is a vector for (Borrelia burgdorferi) the Lyme spirochete. Mite Infestations

Insect Infections (See Medical Entomology Pages for links)

Myiasis Hypodermyiasis
Screw Worm Infection  

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Fish Disease and Human Health WHO Zoonotic Diseases
CDC:  How to Prevent Transmission of Intestinal Roundworms from Pets to People INFORMATION FOR CONSUMERS FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION


OUP Books website Zoonoses: Biology Clinical Practice and Public Health Control  Edited by S. R. Palmer, Lord Soulsby, and D. I. H. Simpson.  

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