This page contains some background to our research.

This is the questionnaire that we are using for the present study:

Canine Mange in Great Britain :  a collaboration between the Game Conservancy and the University of Southampton.

We have sent out a letter which reads:

Dear  Veterinary Surgeon,  

The purpose of this audit, under approved access to the R.C.V.S. database, is two-fold. 

  1. To compare incidence of mange in the U.K. in 2004 with similar data collected by us in 1998.
  2. To test a hypothesis of a link between mange in foxes and dogs since we have received data on mange prevalence in foxes from a gamekeeper near to you.

Having conducted a preliminary audit of mange in U.K. dogs in 1998 we would like to ask you for some up to date information.  

To test a theory that mange in dogs and foxes may be connected and of use in a predictive model of the spread of mange.  

From the responses in 1998 from gamekeepers and mange was mapped in both dogs and foxes.  

In a follow-up in 2004 we have now received and mapped fox mange prevalence data for from British Gamekeepers. Your surgery has been selected because a gamekeeper near you has returned prevalence data for mange in foxes for 2004.  

We appreciate that new treatments may have reduced the mange that you see in dogs and we are therefore also asking you which treatments you have prescribed in 2004. 

We would be most grateful therefore if you would complete the enclosed audit request for dog mange in the FREEPOST envelope provided.

 Very many thanks.

 Yours sincerely  

Dr. Clive Bennett         

and   Dr. J Reynolds (Game Conservancy).        


We would be most grateful if you would please use the FREEPOST envelope provided to return the questionnaire below

Very many thanks.               Dr. Clive Bennett (Southampton University)  

              Dr. Jonathan Reynolds (Game Conservancy).


OR FAX TO 02380 594459

Address mail to

Dr Clive Bennett

School of Biological Sciences

University of Southampton

Freepost Licence  No SO286

Southampton SO17 1YN


To determine % mange in dogs per annum would you please provide :

       Number of dogs you saw in 2004                

       Numbers of dogs you diagnosed as with sarcoptic mange in 2004

       Number of dogs with demodectic mange in 2004.

       What treatments have you used for sarcoptic mange in 2004?

            Aludex  :  amitraz 5%   Y/N

          Stronghold ?                Y/N