Dynamics Projects

Design of 3D Printed UAV Camera Mountings

The aim of this project is to provide camera mountings for petrol engined UAVs that can significantly reduce the vibrations seen by the camera. Small internal combustion engined powered UAVs are increasingly used to carry cameras and these suffer from degraded images if they are shaken. Typical petrol engines tend to do this so there is a need for light, compact mountings to improve picture quality. 3D printing allows for complex and highly effective mountings to be manufactured at modest cost.

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Modelling Liquid-Structure Interactions in the Framework of Statistical Energy Analysis

The aim of this project is to provide improved design methods for dealing with noise and vibration problems in structures as diverse as offshore oil platforms and submarines. These problems are routinely tackled with ad hoc palliative techniques such as vibration isolation mountings and acoustic cladding. It is desirable to be able to calculate the effects of various measures during the design process, by assessing the paths that vibrational energy takes when flowing around a structure. SEA is a tool for making such assessments which has been developed mainly in the context of lightweight aerospace structures. This project tackles new problems which arise when one attempts to develop the methodology for heavy structures interacting with liquids. The initial application will be to large diameter pipework and tank systems commonly found on ships and offshore platforms. The work forms part of the managed programme on SEA initiated by the Marine Technology Directorate Ltd.

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Statistical Energy Analysis of Non-conservatively Coupled Structures

The aim of this project is to gain an understanding of the effects of dissipative joint on statistical energy analysis models of vibrating structures. Such joints occur in many branches of engineering and this work aims to extend SEA so as to be able to deal with them in a more coherent fashion than current methods allow.

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